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What are vleepos?

Vleepos are customizable thematic canvases that allow you to group chat, blog, host events, arrange activities, share media galleries, collaborate with friends and colleagues, build communities, and much more!

Vleepo brings people, activities and content closer together.

Powerful discovery tools

Discover relevant vleepos based on your interests, location, people you follow, and more!

Create customizable vleepo audiences to protect your privacy, and control who can see and join your vleepos.

Make more meaningful connections

Connect with others that share similar interests and intents, while strictly respecting privacy.

Build stronger communities

Develop more active communities by engaging your audiences with contextually relevant content.

Avoid the noise of social networks and never miss out on the things that matter to you most.

We are based in
Toronto, Canada, with
development offices
in Greece

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