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Events and activities come to life in vleepos, bringing people and content together in real time

Vleepo Messenger is our
interpretation of what
group chat should be

We created vleepos to be an extension of the classic group chat found in other communication tools. Designed to be easy and fun to use, vleepos are thematic chats incorporating powerful collaboration, privacy and discovery tools. Each vleepo can be private and invite only, or public and discoverable to highly curated audiences. The user has complete control.

cool things to do

Get recommendations for interesting and relevant vleepos based on things happening near you, what you like to do, people you follow, and much more. Feeling like you are always missing out? Bored on a Saturday night? Never again! Events and activities come to life in vleepos, bringing people and content together in real-time.

Meet new
interesting people

We are big believers in the magic that happens through true human connection. That's why we built our people discovery tool to help you find and connect with the right people for you. With powerful filtering, vleepo helps you find people nearby with similar interests and intents while strictly respecting your privacy. If you find my profile, I’m super psyched to hear from you.

Build communities
& do things together

Vleepo is an ideal platform for building communities and hosting events.

Content creators rejoice! Build your community in vleepo and engage your audience in exciting new ways. Amplify your existing social media presence by sharing snippets of your vleepos to existing social networks. We make it easy for you to expand your audience, share and have fun.

Like to plan events? We provide all the tools you need to organize, manage, and elevate your next event. Engaging with groups has never been so easy!

Where will your next vleepo take you?

We are based in
Toronto, Canada, with
development offices
in Greece

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